Country Stage

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The Country Stage, also referred to sometimes as the "barn stage", was a one of a kind stage design at the North Richland Hills, TX Showbiz Pizza location. This stage was created by Showbiz Pizza Corporate with the release of the Country Klunk showtape in January 1985.

Many Showbiz Pizza locations would receive decorations and cosmetics for the country theme, like cowboy hats for each character, but none would ever come close to the barn stage concept.


Center Stage

The backdrop now was the front of a red barn with closed doors. Haystacks and bins were placed around the stage, adding to the atmosphere. Dooks drum base was changed to lighter colors, which better matched the new color scheme. Dook wore a golden and blue suit, losing his hat. Fatz would go unchanged, but Beach Bear would wear a collar, bow tie, and black shorts. Beach Bears log would be swapped out for a bin painted similarly to Dooks new drum base. Mitzi wore a black and pink dress with pink polka dots. Her bows and shoes would be swapped out for pink ones.