Countryside (Magazine)

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Countryside (Magazine) 


Release Date: 1994-1995
Manufacturer: ShowBiz Pizza Time Inc.


Text:A "Slice" of Life Journal----
Text:Fine Vines---- Growing Tomatoes & Peppers
Text:A "Growing" Dilemma--- How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm After They've Seen Chuck E's?

The Countryside (Magazine) was a poster created for Chuck E. Cheese's around 1994-1995 for the 1990s Major Remodel.


The poster is held in either a 20½" x 17", or 15" x 12" dark blue/red picture frame. The main photo of the poster depicts the Chuck Statue - Farmer (shelf item) which has Chuck E. Cheese in a farmer outfit with a ranch hat, red bandana, green shirt, blue overalls, a red towel in his overalls pocket, and while a piece of wheat hanging out of his mouth. In the background behind the statue is a cow statue.