Creative Engineering Workshop

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Exterior, March 2023

The Creative Engineering Workshop (116 Shriners Club Rd., Crescent City, Florida) is an upcoming warehouse for selling Rock-afire Explosion and other Creative Engineering made parts online.

The workshop will be run by Robbie Sanders, who will manage the online sales, shipping, and inventory. The place will also be used by Creative Engineering as a workshop for new projects, alongside a place to repair animatronics and equipment from the Creative Engineering Museum in Siesta Key.


The initial workshop proposed to be moved in to was the Ruffled Feathers Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary (2163 US-17, Crescent City, FL 32112), a 48,000 square foot shop consisting of multiple buildings. Multiple tenants at the time leased the land outside of the sanctuary, such as a business turning large propane tanks into barbeque grills, and an antique shop. The farthest back building would be initially used for the move, as it on its own could hold all the equipment to be moved from the Creative Engineering R&D Office, and the other buildings would be rented out as to make an income on the property. Once in-person inspection of the buildings had been done on March 28, 2022, however, multiple problems with the building's age, wear, not being A.D.A. compliant, and cost to remove potentially toxic equipment from the premises was deemed too costly for its worth, and searches for a new building would begin.

Final Building

The final building decided would be the Bass Capital Shrine Club (116 Shriners Club Rd., Crescent City, Florida), reducing the initial planned space from 48,000 square feet to just 6,000 square feet. This would still be enough to house the workshop, and proposals to expand the building if need be were considered.

The move from the Creative Engineering R&D Office to the workshop would begin on June 20th, 2022, and is still currently ongoing, likely to wrap up by the end of 2023. A custom made shipping crate design, dubbed the PSS3K, is being used to haul the equipment into the building, allowing it to also double as shelving for the warehouse portion. Both ends of the building, one being a kitchen and the other being a stage, have been said to potentially be used in the future for something special.

Building Specs

The building was created in 1985 and consists of one story with 5,760 square feet interior space. The lot is 6.77 acres and is designated a specialty property type. The building comes equipped with a kitchen featuring a 6ft hood, wet bar, screen room, and two out-buildings. The building's parcel number is 03-12-27-0000-0260-0060.[1]