Crystal Lake, IL (22 Crystal Lake Plaza)

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22 Crystal Lake Plaza is a Pizza Time Theatre that was planned between November 1982 - January 1983, and was ultimately never built.

This location is not to be confused with Crystal Lake, IL (4725 Northwest Hwy) that opened October 16, 2000 with a Studio C Alpha, which still operates to this day.


On November 16th, 1982, it was announced in The Daily Herald newspaper that a Pizza Time Theatre location was being planned for Crystal Lake.[1] The next day, it was announced that the city council approved further discussion to be held with city staff and legal counsel to open the location in the 9,500 square foot former Sears catalog store.

In a newspaper article from December 7th, 1982, changes were made to the city code to allow the construction of the location. On December 21st, 1982, another newspaper article says the license for alcoholic beverages to be served was approved.

The final known newspaper article from January 20th, 1983, says that amendments to the city ordinances to allow for the construction of the location were passed by councilmen. It also mentions the location will feature between 15-20 video arcade games, as well of course the Pizza Time Players. Though no newspaper articles said the location was cancelled, it was clear it was cancelled after no other articles were published mentioning the location.