Cyberamics Reel

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PTT Reel on a Tape Deck

The Cyberamics Reel was a showtape format used for all showtapes on the Cyberamic Control System.

The tape itself was a Maxell UD 35-90 7", and was produced with a trans-black plastic shell, with 1800ft of tape spooled around it. The Cyberamic signals and showtape audio would be recorded into the left and right channels on the tape, making the audio only in mono when played through the stage speakers.

Product Quality Seal

The Product Quality Seal was an orange paper seal closing the reel case until broken. It is unclear when these began to be placed on showtapes, or when it was stopped. Later PTT reels would use a similar seal, though using a duplicate print of the front info label. It is unclear if there are any surviving reels with this seal unbroken.

Tape & Casing

Most tapes came in the standard Maxell UD 35-90 box, which had a mix of grey and black design, with blue numbers indicating the tape length in time. On later reels, an updated all-blue box can be seen, which would include a slightly different shell casing for the tape. Other tapes would sometimes come in a blank box, though these boxes have been lost over time. The label printed on the box was usually the exact same label printed onto the reel shell. It would usually be printed completely over the "35-90" lettering.