Family Vision

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Family Vision 503

Family Vision were a collection of monthly Betamax tapes released to Showbiz Pizza Place stores starting in 1984.[1]

The tapes would provide video entertainment to guests during the downtime between showtape segments. [2] The videos would be projected onto a screen that would automatically come down once a show ended. The tapes themselves were charged at $55 a month once a store agreed to be in the program.


The tapes were produced mainly by Sight & Sound Entertainment Corporation, under their Video Pool[3] line. Video Pool had been around on Betamax tapes since March of 1984, published to other vendors, with Sight & Sound being an intermediary for handling the mass tape production and acquisition of copyrighted video material. Each tape would be around 30 minutes long, and were produced until Cyberstar fully took over all Showbiz locations in late 1989. Some of the early tapes seemed to have Dallas Tapes on their label, but it is unclear their involvement in the project.


Family Vision Month Year
Family Vision (Feb 1985) February 1985
Family Vision (May 1985) May 1985
Family Vision 503 ??? 1986
Family Vision 504 September(?) 1986
Family Vision 505 October 1986
Family Vision (TV Westerns) March 1987
Family Vision (Nov 1987) November 1987
Family Vision 601 ??? 198?
Family Vision 60(?) ??? 198?
Family Vision 621 April 1989