Fort Worth, TX (9121 North Fwy)

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9121 North Fwy, Store #566 is a Chuck E. Cheese location in Fort Worth, Texas; in the Court at Fort Worth shopping center. This location opened on June 6th, 2016.


When the location opened, they opened with the 2015 Model Dance Floor. The store would then upgrade to the 2021 Model Dance Floor during their 2.0 Remodel in May 2023; adding a Video Wall. As of August 2023, Fort Worth (North Fwy) still has the 2021 Model Dance Floor & Video Wall

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Dance Floor June 2016 Still in Use Opened with 2015 Model. Upgraded to 2021 Model in May 2023. First 2.0 Remodel in Fort Worth Texas.
Video Wall May 2023 Still in Use Added during 2.0 Remodel.