Galaxy 5000 Chuck Walkaround

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Galaxy 5000 Outfit

The Galaxy 5000 Outfit is the outfit seen in the Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 movie.

The outfit was used with the Articulated Chuck Walkaround, which was modified to at the time to include new eyelashes and slightly lighter fur to match his "Avenger Chuck" look. For the first scene of the movie, Chuck E. wears a variation of the "Coach Chuck" outfit from the mid-90s, but modified slightly to have his trademark "C" instead of an oval on the front of his sweater, there is no star on the back, and his shoes were changed to red and white. He also wears the traditional red and black "Cool Chuck" baseball cap. For the rest of the movie, Chuck E. switches to a NASCAR-style racing uniform with the same color scheme, but keeps the hat and shoes.