Goose Creek, SC (205 N Goose Creek Blvd Suite 101)

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Berkeley Square Shopping center was home to Track Stars, which was a restaurant similar in concept to Gigglebee's and shared the same animatronics.

Arcade Machines

  • Out Ru
  • Duper Monaco GP
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Double Dragon
  • Operation Wolf
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Ghosts N Goblins
  • Rygar
  • Time Soldiers
  • Real Ghostbusters
  • 10-yard Fight
  • Altered Beast
  • Ninja Turtles
  • Excitebike and Nintendo Golf on a double-sided sit-down cabinet
  • Mechanized Attack
  • Street Fighter II
  • Hogan's Alley
  • a Neo-Geo cabinet with The Super Spy
  • Missile Jet
  • Skee-ball
  • Wack-a-gator
  • Down The Clown
  • Basketball.
  • Helicopter(Ride)
  • Flying Saucer(Ride)
  • Locomotive (Ride)
  • Single-seat ferris wheel(Ride)[1]



Animatronic Whereabouts
Wilbur the Coyote Unsure
Frieda the Frog Unsure
Dilly The Lion Unsure