Hang in There Howie (Commercial)

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Hang in There Howie Commercial

Hang in There Howie is a Pizza Time Theatre commercial that aired around Summer of 1982


The commercial features a kid, possibly named Howie or Howard, played by an unknown child, with a group of kids at the table he is sitting at. The kids celebrate by cheering loudly, as Howie discusses how it was his decision to come to Pizza Time Theatre. He then describes it by saying "Where everyone can play games or watch a show. Another little girl then excitedly says "A show?" as they all run off. Howie then says, "Some place where the food and fun are all there..." as a Chuck costume, specifically the 1982 articulated version, walks up to the Howie, and then takes off his derby hat, and then says, "Hang in there, Howie." Howie then happily smiles to the camera, as the text under him reads "Please ask about our special birthday parties." As the screen fades and shows the Pizza Time Theatre logo at the time.[1]