January 2013 Show

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January 2013 Show

Release Date: January 2013

Released On:

DVD (Cyberamics)
DVD (3-Stage)
DVD + Floppy (Studio C)
USB + MicroSD (Studio C)

First Quarter 2013 is the Winter show released January 2013, featuring eight redubbed songs and four redubbed live shows.

This was created to play from from January - March 2013.

Show List:

  1. Song 1
    1. Workin' For The Weekend
  2. Intermission 1
    1. Veggietales - "Happy Toothday"
    2. Chillout 1 - Circle of Life
    3. CEC TV ID - "Animals"
  1. Song 2
    1. Need a New Wheel (Parody of Head Over Heels)
  2. Intermission 2
    1. Fraggle Rock - "Pass It On"
    2. Chillout 2 - "Electro Space"
    3. CEC TV ID - "Gumball Machine"
  1. Song 3
    1. Crocodile Rock
  2. Intermission 3
    1. My Little Pony - "Winter Wrap Up"
    2. Super Jasper - "Break the Record"
    3. Chillout 3 - "Rock Climbing"
    4. CEC TV ID - "Digestion"
  1. Song 4
    1. Sing a Song
  2. Intermission 4
    1. Tim & the Space Cadets - "Super Hero"
    2. Chillout 4 - "Underwater"
    3. CEC TV ID - "Digital Blue"
  1. Song 5
    1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  2. Intermission 5
    1. Pajanimals - "Super Squacky"
    2. Chillout 5 - "Time Lapse"
    3. CEC TV ID - "Pizza Fan"
  1. Song 6
    1. Pizza Oven (Parody of Evil Women)
  2. Intermission 6
    1. Pound Puppies - "McLeash"
    2. Hard Hat Hank - "Door Frame"
    3. Chillout 6 - "Water Fly Over"
    4. CEC TV ID - "Skee-Ball"
  1. Song 7
    1. Come On Let's Go
  2. Intermission 7
    1. Dreamworks - "Rise of the Guardians"
    2. Chillout 7 - "Desert"
    3. CEC TV ID - "Break Dance"
  1. Song 8
    1. Get Down On It
  2. Intermission 8
    1. Aquabats - "Super Magic Power Man"
    2. Chillout 8 - "Night Drive"
    3. CEC TV ID - "Bridge"

Studio C DVD 3:

  1. 16 Movement Diagnostics
  2. 32 Movement Diagnostics
  3. Light Diagnostics
  4. AV Diagnostics
  5. Cupid Shuffle (Trololo Countdown)
  6. BINGO (Michael Hill Countdown)
  7. Happy and You Know It (Trololo Countdown)
  8. Old MacDonald (Michael Hill Countdown)
  9. Spanish Birthday Program
  10. Birthday Program
  11. 10 Minutes of Nature


  • Birthday (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C, Weigl)
  • Spanish Birthday (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C, Weigl)
  • Cupid Shuffle (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C, Weigl)
  • BINGO (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C, Weigl)
  • Happy And You Know It (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C, Weigl)
  • Old MacDonald (Studio C, Weigl)

Showtape Scans / Images:


  • "Workin' for the Weekend" is originally from January 2006, "Need a New Wheel", "Pizza Oven" and Hard Hat Hank are originally from April 2012, "Crocodile Rock" is originally from September 2005, "Sing a Song" is originally from January 2004, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" is originally from January 2009, "Come On Let's Go" is originally from September 2011, and "Get Down On It" is originally from April 2007. All of Chuck E.'s lines have been rerecorded by Jaret.
  • The footage for "Workin' for the Weekend", "Crocodile Rock" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" was redone to better fit the songs.
  • The new footage for "Working for the Weekend" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" has the walkarounds for Chuck & Helen wearing outfits closer to their Rockstar designs despite still using the Avenger era heads. This would also be the last show to use the Avenger era walkaround in newly produced footage.
  • "Working for the Weekend", "Crocodile Rock", "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" and "Get Down on It" all lack the beginning announcer's bits from the shows they originated from. Despite this, Bird's programming for these was left intact for all except "Crocodile Rock".
  • "Working for the Weekend" removes Chuck's spoken lines during the interlude. Despite this, his spotlight programming was left intact on Existing Stages.
  • The September 2011 logo is shown at the end of "Sing a Song", replacing the 2004 logo.
  • The music for all the cover songs were reworked to varying degrees, most notably the drums.
  • This was the first show to feature versions of the live shows redubbed by Jaret. Birthday 2009 stills uses Duncan's voice, though the "Little Bit of 80s" footage at the beginning has been changed to the "We Got The Beat" footage from the May 2011 Show.
  • This show featured the final Super Jasper ever created. This was also the final time the 1999 Jasper puppet (or any of the 1999 puppets) would be seen in newly produced footage.
  • This was the first show to use the automatic live show feature for Studio C and Weigl stores. With this feature, live shows will start automatically every hour. Five minute countdowns have also been added to all live shows. The automatic live for this show was Cupid Shuffle.
  • The live show countdown marks the first appearance of the new Pasqually puppet.
  • "Need a New Wheel", "Pizza Oven" and "Get Down on It" all lack the applause SFX at the end.
  • Hidden at the end of the Studio C DVD is the theme song for Bobby Bear which would later be used in the April 2013 Show. The intermission was planned for this show but was not finished in time.
  • Michael Hill plays the Sasquatch in "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"
  • Matt Daniel is the singer in "Workin For The Weekend"