Jeddah (Corniche Road), Saudi Arabia

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Jeddah CornIche Road was a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on December 12th, 2001, with the Jeddah Studio C Prototype, which closed in July of 2019.

Jeddah's exterior in 2018.

This location was the first location in Saudi Arabia and was known as the world's largest Chuck E. Cheese location until closing in 2019.


Jeddah had a unique Studio C stage that used the Blue screen and center monitor from an Alpha on the left in the middle had the Alpha Beta Mix with the Pizza Phone and on the right of that had the Blue screen and monitor from the alpha reversed. This also featured two blue screen areas and two interactive consoles. The Chuck E. bot would also have his Late Night outfit until the store closed, making the Late Night outfit extinct.


TODO: Construction Started March 2000. Store Opened December 2001. Remodeled mid-2015.


Jeddah featured many attractions not normally found inside of Chuck E. Cheese locations.

CEC Airport

CEC Airport was a kiddie coaster with Chuck E. Cheese a theme. It featured special art with Chuck E. in a unique outfit flying a plane.

Chuck E. Cheese Raceway

Chuck E. Cheese Raceway was a Chuck E. Cheese themed Bumper Cars with unique artwork.


Chuck E. Cheese's (Corniche Road), abandoned and severely vandalized in October 2022 (PC: Mahmoud Alhashem - Google Maps)

Ever since July 2019 the building was abandoned with no care from the franchise owner nor the property owner. Since then the building has been prone to severe vandalism. Lots of unique items left behind such as the CEC Raceway artwork, CEC Airport Sign, and Stage props have been destroyed by vandals. Sometime around early 2023, the site of this former store was demolished, which is what it sits as today.


Notes: Upon this location closing some stage fixtures were left behind.

Animatronic Serial Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese (32m) ??? Unknown
Bird N/A Unknown