Jingle Bell Jamboree 1979 Show

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Jingle Bell Jamboree 1979 Show

Release Date: 1979

Released On:

4-Track Reel (CEI)

The Jingle Bell Jamboree 1979 Show is an updated showtape for the Jingle Bell Jamboree to convert it to CEI 4-Track Reel, with potentially other changes made from the original 1977 version.

Creative Engineering took a private flight to Santa's Village (528 Presidential Hwy, Jefferson, NH 03583) in 1979 to update their entire show system for the Jingle Bell Jamboree as a token of appreciation for purchasing their first full animatronic show, and trusting in a new company full of young talent[1]. Due to the process of converting the tape to CEI 8-Track Reel, and completely replacing the show computer system, lots of factors regarding the tape itself could have been changed from the initial 1977 version, which still does not have any footage.

Show List

  1. Segment 1
    1. Santa's Village Land
    2. White Christmas
    3. Blue Christmas
    4. Jingle Bell Rock
    5. Jingle Bells
    6. Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
    7. Outro Jingle