June 2010 Show

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Summer 2010 is the summer show released June 2010. Featuring 8 songs some from April 2010 and some from Summer 2007 .

This show played from June - September 2010.

Show List:

Segment 1

"Best Friends"


Intermission 1

Backstage Pass - "Kicking Daisies"

CEC TV ID - "Movie Refreshments"

The Zula Patrol - "The Canyon"

Sound Splosion - Anna Margaret - "Something About The Sunshine"

CEC TV ID - "Parachute"

Segment 2

"Ain't Nothing Wrong With That"

Intermission 2

Ralph's World - "Gotta Be Good"

Prada*G - "Dance Masters"

Trivia - "Smallest Birds"

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band - "Donut Brain Aliens"

CEC TV ID - "Color Swirl"

Word World - "Runaway O"

CEC TV ID - "Pizza Parachute"

VeggieTales - "Song of the Cebu"Busytown Mysteries - "The Cheese Car Chomp Mystery"

Segment 3

"Ray of Sunshine"

Intermission 3

Fun Facts - "Emperor Penguins"

Noonbory & The Super 7 - "A Honey Of A Tale"

Wild Animal Baby - "A Tall Tail"

Dan Zanes - "Rock Island Line"

Pocoyo - "The Big Sneeze"

Will & Dewitt - "My New Boots"

Segment 4

"Soul Sista"

Intermission 4

Fun Facts - "Porcupines Float in Water"

Dive Olly Dive! - "Everyone Makes Mistakes"

Cast of Camp Rock 2 - "It's On"

Flash Gordon

Segment 5

"It's Magic"

Intermission 5

Animal Atlas - "Animals And Us"

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato - "Make A Wave"

Wow Wow Wubbzy! - "Come Play With Me"

Fun Facts - "First Coast to Coast Telephone"

The Zone - "Amateur Skateboarder"

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band

Segment 6

"Livin' Life"

"In The Summertime"

Intermission 6

Backstage Pass - Sophie - "Care Bears On Fire"

Pocoyo - "Umbrella Umbrella"

Sid The Science Kid - "Don't Forget The Leaves"

Trivia - "What Color Are Dalmatians"

Word World - "Radio Read-A-Thon"

The Zone - "Amateur Kiteboarder"

Pajanimals - "Stick To The Plan"

CEC TV ID - "Aquarium"

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