KXAS Action News Showbiz ShowScan Promotion (February 4, 1984)

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KXAS Action News Showbiz ShowScan Promotion (February 4, 1984) 


Release Date: February 4, 1984
Release Time: 10:00 P.M
Station: KXAS
Length: 1:26

The KXAS Action News Showbiz ShowScan Promotion is a February 4, 1984 news segment for an KXAS -TV Action News promoting the unveiling of Showscan's short film "New Magic" at the Dallas, TX (13125 Montfort Dr) Showbiz Pizza Place.[1]


The segment is narrated entirely by Bobbie Wygant[2], being devoid of any other sounds outside of a techno music track that begins to play during the second paragraph.

Imagine a movie so real its like being part of the experience. Like you actually flying over snow-capped mountains and seeing people as if they're live on stage, and all without 3-D glasses.

Showscan is a revolutionary breakthrough in film, and Dallas is one of four cities in the whole country to have it. Showscan is so unique, you have to see it in a special theater. Normally we show you scenes from the movies to review, but you cant project Showscan on TV, because its large screen 70mm with 6 track stereo. New Magic is the first Showscan feature, that opens to the public next Thursday, February 9th. The only place you can see it in this area is at the Showbiz Pizza Place- the one on Montfort at LBJ Freeway in Dallas.

I recommend Showscan's New Magic, a short feature that will open your eyes to a whole new movie experience, and finally, we get 3-D without these dumb glasses. Bobbie Wygant, Channel 5 Action News.