Kooser Chuck E. Cheese (Animatronic)

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The animatronic performing, as seen in the 1979 "Real People" segment.

The Kooser Chuck E. Cheese bot was an animatronic used during the opening year of the second Pizza Time Theatre location at San Jose, CA (1371 Kooser Rd). It was designed to look like the mascot of Pizza Time Theater, Chuck E. Cheese. It would continue to perform up until the switch from the Fantasy Forest portrait show to the Cyberamic Balcony Stage.


At Kooser

The bot debuted at the opening of the Kooser store in December of 1978. It would be seen in many promotional material for Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theater[1][2]. It would appear in a segment for the show, Real People, in 1979[3]. The bot would be removed in 1980 after the placement of a Balcony Stage at Kooser.

Corporate Move

Following its removal from the Kooser location, the bot would later find a home at the Sunnyvale, CA corporate office, where it can be seen in photos of the Costume Department as early as 1981[4]. At this point, it would be sporting Christmas attire as opposed to its store-original derby and vest, and would also be missing its teeth.


The Kooser bot's last known sighting was in the previously mentioned 1981 Costume Department photos. It is unknown what exactly may have happened to it after this point, or if it even still exists.


The bot has been very rarely mentioned by CEC corporate. In the 70's segment of the 40 years of fun Show, The bot appears in reused footage from the Real People skit[5]. The bot's cigar is cropped out for unknown reasons.


In many ways, Kooser Chuck is not too dissimilar in appearance to its elder Winchester counterparts. A natural progression of prior iterations, it sports a similar triangular head shape to the first Winchester bot as well as the realistic eyes and large ears of the second.The bot's clothing consists of a paisley vest, black tie, and 3-buttoned yellow undershirt that are nigh identical to Winchester V2. Other carried-over aspects are the microphone and cigar.

However, there are also several details that distinguish this bot from its predecessors. Unlike the second Winchester bot, Kooser Chuck's hands are entirely felt. Additionally, its right arm remains stretched outward at all times as opposed to being bent at the elbow or tucked away. The 'PIZZA TIME THEATRE' text printed on the rim of its derby is also something that had not been seen before, and is an aspect of the character that would become tradition among later iterations going forward.

Oddly, The bot's design is very similar to the Chuck E. used in the Rat Tales comic & 1979 Animated TV spot. The bot was created before both of these were released.


  • Mouth
  • Head Up
  • Head Left
  • Head Right
  • Eye Left
  • Eye Right
  • Eyelids
  • Right Arm Raise