Kooser Dolli Dimples (Animatronic)

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Kooser Dolli Dimples (Animatronic) 


Units Produced: 1
Release Date: 1978
Manufacturer: Fantasy Forest


The Kooser Dolli Dimples Animatronic was an animatronic version of Dolli Dimples created by Fantasy Forest for Pizza Time Theatre in 1978. The bot was used at San Jose, CA (1371 Kooser Rd) from December 1978 to May 1980. The bot was made to only activate when a token was put in. The bot was controlled using the Cyberamic Control System & Dolli Dimples Show Selector (Prototype) with the bot being programmed at Kooser using the SongCode Hardware Setup.


Manufacturing & Creation

The Kooser Dolli bot was created by Fantasy Forest in 1978 for a new experimental store location type, the Piano Bar Lounge, that would be implemented into the second Pizza Time Theatre on Kooser Rd. San Jose, California. The bot was programmed with the Kooser Main Show & Dolli Dimples Showtape.

In Store

The Kooser Dolli bot was installed in the Piano Bar Lounge at Kooser somewhere before it's opening in December 1978. The bot would become one of Kooser's & PTT's major selling points in the late 70's in which it would be called The "Dolli Dimples Cabaret"[1]. The bot was featured in a 1979 segment of Real People, in which she played the song, Talk to the Animals[2]. Later in 1979, The Australian Brodcasting Commision show "Four Corners" ran a segment called "New Eatery Fad"[3] which included the Dolli bot singing the second segment of the Kooser Dolli show. The bot would be in the Cabaret up until 1980 in which the bot would be removed.


At an unknown time, the bot would be destroyed.

Modern Apperances

The bot appeared as a character in the 2018 CEC Halloween special "Halloween At The Pizza Time Theater" in which the Animatronic appears alongside a Cyberamic Guest Star (Madame Oink) & Cyberamic King. In the short, The Bot is given legs & attempts to attack Chuck E. Cheese after he gives criticism to the 3 bots.


The bot has a grey latex mask with a grey back head. The bot has red hair, a purple shirt, & a white neck collar. The bot has green eyes, two teeth, & pink eyelids with eyelashes.


  • Mouth
  • Eyelids
  • Head Turn
  • Body Turn
  • Arms Out
  • Bosom