Leominster, MA (132 Sacks Blvd)

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Exterior, October 2019

Leominster, MA (132 Sacks Blvd) was a Chuck E. Cheese’s that open on January 15, 2005 with a Studio C Cappa, and closed in June 2020 (day unknown).

This location is notable for a video posted on February 12, 2023 by the YouTube channel Urbax Vibes where they visited the Leominster location after closure to find most games still left behind inside, including the Chuck E. Cheese thumbs up exterior sign.


The location opened in early 2005 in the Mall at Whitney Field as a mall located store. They would have a Studio C Cappa V2, composing of three TVs, a bluescreen, and a 16M Chuck E. Cheese animatronic. This location might've been one of the earliest locations to open with the Phase 4 remodel. All previous Phase 3 decor was replaced with updated Phase 4 decor starting with this location, besides from the emergency exit decals on doors, which had yet to be changed. The location would remain the same for over 15 years until permanently closing sometime in June 2020. The exact date is currently unknown. All windows in the store would be covered up to prevent people from looking inside. Shockingly, most of the arcade games and attractions formerly at the store were left inside, including the SkyTubes. The stage would be left behind, though the bluescreen, three TVs, and most bot cosmetics were removed. Leominster's animatronic head would later be sent to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania location to replace their 32M head. Pittsburgh's original head would be scrapped.

As of September 2023, the former tenant is still vacant. The exterior has been repainted over time, but a slight fade of the Chuck E. Cheese's logo label scar remains along with holes where the CEC letters were attached.


As stated before, Leominster had the second generation Studio C Cappa. Leominster's Chuck E. bot had the Avenger outfit and never got the Rockstar outfit. It is possible that they did have Cool Chuck attire prior to the Avenger attire, but this is yet to be determined. Leominster would keep the Cappa until they closed. The Cappa would be demolished during closure, with the bot's head going to the Pittsburgh, PA store.


Animatronic Serial Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese 16m (Animatronic) N/A Disassembled for parts, head sent to Pittsburgh, PA, still in use.


Link Description Filming Date
Link YT channel Urbax Vibes visiting the abandoned store. 2023