Looney Bird

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Looney Birds design as of 2024.

Looney Bird is one of the main characters of the Showbiz Pizza Place franchise, having made his debut as an animatronic at Jacksonville, FL (9820 Atlantic Blvd).



Looney Bird was based off of the character Gooney Bird from the Hard Luck Bears. He used a similar voice, and had a similar appearance. He was red bird with a plant sticking out of his head, who lived in a barrel. He was a member of the Rock-afire Explosion.

Showbiz Pizza Place

During the early years of Showbiz Pizza, Looney Bird was portrayed as a drunken and unintelligent bird who worked alongside Billy Bob at Smitty's Super Service Station. He was later portrayed as a smarter character, who made various gadgets to help the band throughout various shows. During Concept Unification, several Looney Birds would be retrofitted into Pizzacam. Pizzacam was a character used for backing vocals, and would eventually be removed from several stages over the years.

The New Rock-afire Explosion & Present Day

After Concept Unification, Creative Engineering wanted to find a new way to bring the Rock-afire Explosion back into the public spotlight. They developed the New Rock-afire Explosion. Every character was changed, including Looney Bird. Looney Bird now had two animatronics, one having its own laboratory, where Looney Bird would now be a full body animatronic wearing a lab coat. The other animatronic was behind Beach Bear's stage, and was a simple figure consisting of only his head.

As of present day Looney Bird remains the same as he was in the Showbiz days. Original parts for Looney Bird would start to be reproduced by Creative Engineering's new employees in 2023.


Types Years Produced Notes Status
Looney Bird (Animatronic) 1980-1983 Retrofitted during Concept Unification. Several publicly and privately owned.
Looney Bird Window (Mijjin) 1992-1993 None public as of 2024.
Looney Bird Labratory (Mijjin) 1993-1995 None public as of 2024.
Looney Bird Interactive (Mijjin) 1998 2 produced. None public as of 2024.