Mijjinator (Mijjin)

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Mijjinator (Mijjin) 


Units Produced: 1
Release Date: 1992
Final Release: 1991
Manufacturer: Creative Engineering


The Mijjinator is a gold chrome plated Mijjin animatronic created for the Mijjins show in 1992.[1]

The animatronic would be the highest member on the Mijjins stage, but would be concealed by two sliding doors. The shows used the mech as an announcer that would then not be present for the songs played.


The mech is a standard Mijjin mech, but has individual fingers similar to the Mijjin Prototype that were eventually replaced with flippers on the New Rock-afire Explosion Mijjin mechs. The head has the thin mouth plate variant, and has the standard single-cylinder body turn movement. The mech also has blue eye pieces.

The plastic of the mech is plated in gold chrome plates. The mouth lever, eyelids, and shoulder turn rods are also gold plated. On the version seen in promotional photos, they feature plastic fingers also plated in chrome gold, but an additional photo from an unknown year depicts them with translucent magenta fingers.

All the airlines of the bot are strung in bright highlighted colors, being green, magenta, orange, and yellow.