Mini Billy Bob (Animatronic)

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Prototype Miniature Billy Bob show

The Miniature Billy Bob animatronic was intended to be a computerized doll that was supposed to read, sing, or teach children (similar to the likes of Teddy Ruxpin). The doll was originally supposed to hit markets for 1986 but problems in manufacturing caused it to fall through.


In 1985 Creative Engineering would start creating a few dozen of Miniature Billy Bobs as a proof of concept for a children's entertainment toy. At some point in the process, they notice that the servos that would make the doll move would burn out quickly, and the process of making them was already expensive so they had to stop making them after the first few dozen.


The design is supposed to capture the same appearance as the Original Billy Bob Animatronic but some detail is seemed to have been sacrificed to accommodate for its mechanics. Nothing of his design differs too much from the original but the eyes and eyelids are plastic glued onto the face.

Original 1985 Prototype

The original prototype of the doll had a different face sculpt, with his lower jaw being larger. His body had a more defined shape to it much like the Original Billy Bob Animatronic. His fur was also longer and the feet were much smaller than the later dolls.


Head Up
Head Left
Head Right
Body Lean
Right Arm
Guitar Raise



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