Moonrockers Showtape

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Moonrockers Showtape

Release Date: November 1985

Released On:

4-Track Reel (CEI)

The Moonrockers Showtape is an official CEI showtape to the retrofit show of the main Rock-afire Explosion, called the Moonrockers.

The tape consists of 2 skits and 3 songs, used to demo at IAAPA for potential buyers. Nobody purchased the show, leaving the characters to instead be used in promotional videos for CEI moving forward.

IAAPA November 1985

The show would be swapped out multiple times a day with a standard Rock-afire Explosion, which would be acknowledged by the characters during the first two skits of the tape. These segments would play during the setup process, the first being when Mitzi's cosmetics were swapped, and the second once the setup had finished and the curtains were closed.


In addition to the copy of the showtape that has remained with the show since IAAPA in 1985, several other copies exist, in addition to the master copy of the showtape. Two copies of the programming tape with block numbers also exist.

Lost Media

Between the resurgence of interest in Creative Engineering in the early 2000's to 2023. the original Moonrockers showtape had not been heard in its entirety by the public. Only small clips of the Moonrockers Theme had appeared in various video promos.

Snapper, a previous employee of CEI in the early 2000's, known for infamously stealing lots of rare items from the CEI warehouse to be uploaded online, almost stole the Moonrockers show reel. It is rumored he picked up the reel, before setting it back down, claiming it was "too boring" to be worth stealing.

At the current time, it was assumed that the Moonrockers Theme was the only segment on the showtape. Only Princess Hailey's and Quazar's lines had been heard, with Aaron Fechter additionally reenacting Admiral Oort's lines in a tour around the early 2010's.

In 2021 an extended clip of the theme would be put in the Creative Engineering Premium Video Service and eventually leaked online, showing Oort and Ozone's lines from the song.

In 2023 another Premium Video would show Aaron playing the full Moonrocker's tape on the original stage before its disassembly for the move out of the Creative Engineering R&D Office. This would be the first reveal of the other songs and skits, alongside confirmation that the show was swapped out for a Rock-afire center stage during the IAPPA event. Despite the momentous release, this would not be widely leaked

On January 18, 2024, the third segment would be played at Gulliver's Kingdom with custom programming from a digital rip of the showtape audio. This would then be posted online as the first major leak of the majority of the showtape.[1] This same audio of the third segment would then be uploaded to YouTube by an unknown user on January 24th.[2] The first two skits have still only been heard through the phone recording used in the Premium Video.

Show List

  1. Segment 1
    1. IAAPA Mitzi Costuming Skit
  2. Segment 2
    1. IAAPA Tuning Up Skit
  3. Segment 3
    1. Moonrockers Theme
    2. Cyclops Boogie
    3. Moonrockers Theme (Reprise)