Mr. Munch's Magic Madhouse (Kooser Signage)

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Mr. Munch's Magic Madhouse (Kooser Signage) 


Units Produced: 1
Release Date: Fall / Winter 1978
Manufacturer: Pizza Time Theatre


Color: Purple, Yellow, Blue (Mr. Munch Part). Black (Text Part)
Text:Mr. Munch's

The Kooser Mr. Munch's Magic Madhouse sign was a store fixture used at the Pizza Time Theatre on San Jose, CA (1371 Kooser Rd) from December 1978 until it's removal in May 1980 when Kooser got the first Cyberamics Balcony Stage or possibly during the remodel Kooser went through in the late 80's.


Production of the sign has no data documented on it; however it can be assumed it was engraved then painted between October 1978 to December 1978, and was most likely done by a member of the Pizza Time Theatre entertainment division or an unknown PTT employee.


The only known usage of this specific sign was at the 1371 Kooser Road store in San Jose California, placed above the first Mr. Munch's Magic Madhouse in December 1978. The Sign has only publicly appeared in the 1979 issue of Food Service Marketing's cover picture[1]. The Sign was removed along with the rest of the Madhouse in either May 1980 when Kooser got a Balcony Stage or when Kooser got their Chuck E.'s House Facade.


The first piece of the sign used a black base with a sky-blue colored background, with the newly introduced Mr. Munch character smiling. The second piece of the sign was engraved to the right of the Mr. Munch depiction, with the black and yellow text "Mr. Munch's" in lowercase letters placed above "MAGIC MADHOUSE" in all uppercase letters