PTT 1980 3 Year Employee Pin

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The PTT 1980 3 Year Employee Pin was given to PTT employees in 1980 for their contributions in the store, to be worn on their lanyard.

The pin was made in 1980, and presumably for only that year. Making it the earliest known employee pin.


The is a solid brass circular pin. Engraved is Chuck E. Cheese with his arms outstretched. The brass is colored yellow, red, black, grey, light grey, and white. Text below him reads:



Employees could only receive this pin after being an employee at Pizza Time Theatre for 3 consecutive years. This pin specifically was given out to employees at the original San Jose, CA (370 S Winchester Blvd) Pizza Time Theatre location who began work at the store's opening or throughout 1977. It is unclear if this was also given to the San Jose, CA (1371 Kooser Rd) Pizza Time Theatre location employees.