PTT Chuck E. Cheese Nutritional Poster (1981)

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The Chuck E. Cheese Nutritional Poster was a poster displayed in all Pizza Time Theatre restaurants starting some time in 1981.[1]

The piece discusses the nutritional value of the Big C's Combo pizza.


The poster's first mention is in the The Pizza Times (Vol. 1, Issue 2, September 1981), where it is shown to be part of the advertisement package for the New Sandwich Program. The poster's art is provided in the article. No public surfacing of the original poster have been found since.


Chuck E. Cheese says our pizza is good food!

Just one slice of a large "Big C Combo" pizza has:

  • the same calories and protein as a tuna sandwich.
  • fewer calories, same protein and three times more calcium than a peanut butter sandwich
  • fewer calories, more protein and three times more calcium than an egg salad sandwich.

Our pizza dough tastes extra special too, because its prepared fresh daily in our kitchens.

The four basic food groups are well represented in our "Big C Combo" pizza. Two slices (1/6th) of a large "Big C Combo" pizza contain the following percentages of recommended daily dietary allowances (RDA's) established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

7 to

14 yrs

Calories 18% 18%
Protien 50% 44%
Vitamin B, 50% 50%
Vitamin C 20% 16%
Iron 20% 20%
Calcium 28% 40%

Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre Nutritional Evaluation of Pizza Time Theatre Inc's "Big C Combo" pizza was prepared by a Registered ??????? who is a Member of the American Dietetic Association