PTT Chuck E. Cheese Quote Sign (1977)

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At 15511 Edwards Street in Huntington Beach, California.

Not to be confused with the Cheese Crawl Chuck Quote Sign, the Chuck E. Cheese Quote Sign first appeared at the first Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre on 370 South Winchester Boulevard located in the Town & Country Shopping Center in San Jose, California. The sign would make another known appearance at the Huntington Beach store located on 15511 Edwards Street located in Huntington Beach, California. The sign would be re-designed in the 1980s for other usages.


No specific information about the production of the 1977 version of the sign is known outside of speculation, we can assume it was made in-house at Atari and standardized once Pizza Time Theatre Incorporated was founded.

In an unknown year in the 1980s, the sign would go on to be re-distributed under a different design, we can assume they were produced at the Sunnyvale Corporate Headquarters.


This fixture would go on to debut at the first Pizza Time Theatre on 370 South Winchester Boulevard, placed at the beverage counter; and would later be used at the fifth Pizza Time Theatre on 15511 Edwards Street in Huntington Beach, California, placed above the newly tested bumper car concept in the Fantasy Forest. Outside of these 2 known usages, no other usage of this design is known of.

However, into the 1980s, the sign would be re-designed to be more up to date with the more joyous Chuck E. Cheese and was most likely distributed to franchisees and corporate owned stores. As for now, the only known usage of this sign was at 24416 Muirlands Boulevard in Lake Forest, California.


Similarly to the Chuck E. Cheese Measuring Sign used for the Cheese Crawl, this sign showcases the Chuck E. Cheese character with a quote next to his head, making it seem like he's saying something, which could probably be changed depending on what it was needed for.

As for the 1980s re-design, it uses a more joyous Chuck who is also winking, with a bubblier quote, outside of that, the sign is not much different from the 1977 version.