PTT Kooser Mopsey Sisters Name Sign (1978)

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The Mopsey Sisters Nameplate made its first and only appearance at the second Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre on 1371 Kooser Road located in the Blossom Hill Shopping Center in San Jose, California; where it took the role of identifying the Mopsey Sisters animatronic.


The production on the Mopsey Sisters nameplate was most likely done in the same batch as the other Kooser nameplates simultaneously from October through November 1978, and was either produced by the Fantasy Forest Manufacturing Company or by Pizza Time Theatre Incorporated.


The only official usage of the sign was at 1371 Kooser Road, placed on the Mopsey Sisters barrel from November 1978 to May 1980.

One other nameplate is known to exist, which is featured in an image of the Mopsey Sisters in the Pizza Time Theatre Corporate Office, which the same image is also seen in the 1979 Pizza Time Theatre franchise brochure, although edited.


Similarly to all other Kooser nameplates from the time period, this specific nameplate features a black base featuring "MOPSEY SISTERS" in yellow text surrounded by a border of the same color.

On the other hand, the longer, cardboard nameplate seen in the 1979 Great All American Pizza Show franchise brochure followed a format more similar to Winchesters nameplate; featuring on a rounded cardboard plate in white text, "THE MOPSEY SISTERS" with "© PIZZA TIME THEATRE INC. 1978" right below, encased in a white border.