CEC Make Magic Sign

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CEC Make Magic Sign 



Dimensions: 24 x 18in[1]
Text:Make Magic
Text:Without it We're just another Pizza Place!

The Make Magic Sign was a sign produced for Chuck E. Cheese's locations from the late 80's to the 2000's.

The sign would be hung in the kitchen or employees-only areas as an inspirational poster for cast members.


It is unknown when the sign was produced or by what manufacturer, as no labels, dates, or copyright notices are placed on the sign.

Incorrect Colors

A large portion of the signs have Chuck E.'s skin and fur color swapped, leading to him appearing as a peach rat with gray skin. Stores that received these signs were never sent replacements, as multiple pictures show them being displayed up to the present day.

Lots of signs also feature color inconsistencies between batches. Most signs feature a blue-ish light gray, light red, and peach colored dyes. Some have darker reds, some have the peach color lean into deep orange or near brown, and some have the gray lean towards warm dark gray. Some signs also have very faded grays and oranges. These will vary per sign, and also all are present on the swapped Chuck E. color signs.


The sign is a small white sign with a red border. It holds red bold text at the top saying "Make Magic", with two red lines separating it and the thin bottom text reading "Without it We're just another Pizza Place". Red sparkles dot along the text. In the top right corner Chuck E. Cheese, wearing a magicians outfit, tips his hat and twirls a wand.