PTT Pasquallys Perfect Pizza Sign (1978)

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The Pasqually's Perfect Pizza sign first appeared at the second Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre on 1371 Kooser Road, installed alongside the Fantasy Forest Game Preserve main entrance sign to direct users to the ordering counters, and was presumably taken out in the 1981 remodel.


Like all the other signs from the time period (1977-1978) it is presumed most were store specific and were not produced outside of that singular sign. It is known this sign was produced from January 1978 to November 1978, as the sign can be seen in a Topeka Inn Management brochure dated 1978.


Very little is known about the usage of the sign, but as stated before it is theorized most signs from the era, including this sign, were store specific. The only known usage is at 1371 Kooser Road, outside of this, no other stores are known to have used this.


Placed on a yellow cylindrical shape can be seen in black text "PASQUALLY'S PERFECT" with larger red text "PIZZA" resting below alongside an arrow under the text. The name "Pasqually's Perfect Pizza" would later be reused in a 1979 Californian Pizza Time Theatre brochure. [1]



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