PTT Skee-Ball Points Sign (1978)

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The first Pizza Time Theatre Skee-Ball Points sign debuted at the second Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre on 1371 Kooser Road located in the Blossom Hill Shopping Center from December 1978 to an unknown year, presumably 1981.


Data on the production on the sign, let alone evidence of its existence is scarce, however it can be assumed it was either produced by Pizza Time Theatre Incorporated or produced by a contracting company specializing in store signage from August 1978 to November 1978, where it may have been simultaneously produced alongside other Kooser signage.


The only documented appearance of the sign was at the 1371 Kooser Road store, where it was used from December 1978 to presumably 1981, where it was most likely taken out in the 1981 Remodel for the 1981 standardized Skee-Ball points signage. After the sign completed its usage, several scenes could have played out, those being:

  • A. The sign was placed in storage at the location itself.
  • B. The sign was destroyed after it completed its run.
  • C. The sign was shipped to the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre Sunnyvale Corporate Office.

It was most likely placed in storage at the location itself, and the current whereabouts of the sign are unknown.