PTT Token 101 (gB,Bz, N)

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PTT Token 101 (gB,Bz, N)
Released: 1977
Size (in): 0.984
Variety: N/A
Obverse Text: Pizzatime Theatre, Chuck E. Cheese
Reverse Text: In Pizza We Trust, 25¢ Value, 1977


Glint Brass
Glint Bronze
Nickel Brass

The Pizza Time Theatre Token 101 was the first Pizza Time Theatre token to ever be released, which was first obtainable on May 3rd, 1977, at the Pizza Time Theatre Grand Opening Review event for Atari employees.[1]

They would be obtainable by the public on May 17th with the opening of first location in San Jose, CA (370 S Winchester Blvd). By 1978, they would be succeeded by the 102 (Bz, N) and 125 (gB, Bz, gBz, N) tokens.



A Glint Brass variant of the token is known to have a clipped planchet, though no images of it have surfaced yet.[2]