PTT Winchester Jasper T. Jowls Name Sign (1977)

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The Winchester Jasper T. Jowls Nameplate was only used at the first Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre on 370 South Winchester Boulevard located in the Town & Country Shopping Center in San Jose, California; for the purpose of identifying the Winchester Jasper T. Jowls animatronic from 1977 to presumably 1981.


Production of this nameplate was most likely produced between July 1977 to August 1977 by either the Fantasy Forest Manufacturing Company, Atari, or in-house by a store employee. The former is the most likely manufacturer and was most likely to have sent out with the Winchester Helen Henny animatronic alongside the other Winchester nameplates.


The only usage of Jasper T. Jowls Winchester nameplate was at the 370 South Winchester Boulevard location, where it sat on the lower half of Jasper T. Jowls portrait for the sake of identifying it from possibly August 1977 to 1981, that is if the nameplates were not already switched out once Winchester received Cyberamics in 1980. Jasper T. Jowls nameplate could have had several outcomes once it was not in use anymore, those being:

  • A. The nameplate was sent to the Sunnyvale Corporate Office and placed in storage.
  • B. Kept in the location itself and destroyed.
  • C. Kept in the location itself and auctioned off.

Usage in 2018 Remodel Program

In 2018 once CEC Entertainment began rolling out their 2.0 remodel, a piece of signage was placed in select 2.0 locations showing the history of the company, that fixture would showcase Winchester Chuck E. Cheese, Winchester Helen Henny, and Winchester Jasper T. Jowls with their respective nameplates below them.


Jasper T. Jowls nameplate is no different to all the other Winchester nameplates with the exception of Helen Hennys nameplate, the design showcasing a rounded wooden base with the text "JASPER T. JOWLS" surrounded by a thin yellow border.

In late 1979, Pizza Time Theatre Incorporated would place "© PIZZA TIME THEATRE INC 1978" on the lower half of the nameplate in white small text, and it is most possible that Jasper T. Jowls nameplate received the copyright text below his nameplate as well.