Pasqually's School of Pizza Making

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  • Unknown as Pasqually (Suit)
  • Bob West as Pasqually (Voice)


  • Mixing & Bunning the Dough
    • Fill the Water Bucket (70*-80* F)
    • Measure the Dough (76*-82* F)
      • If dough is more than 82* F, use colder water (70*-72* F)
        • Pasqually suggests using ice cubes to cool down the water.
          • Melt completely and store it up.
      • If dough is less than 76* F, use warmer water
    • Put bucket on the scale
      • 50 lb sack: 23 1/2 lbs water
      • 25 lb sack: 11 3/4 lbs water
      • Scoop out extra water until you get to exactly the right weight.
      • It's easier to take excess water out than to have to add more.
        • Adding more water requires repeating the water temperature step (70*-80* F) again.
    • Pour water into the bowl and add one bag of dough into the water.


  • Pasqually's voice interestingly more resembles the voice of Nintendo character "Mario" more than in any showtape.