Phase 3 (2000)

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"New 4 You" Operators Guide

Phase 3 is the third major upgrade for Showbiz Pizza Time locations that includes a new game package, enhanced prize and merchandise offerings, "Toddler Zone", and improved product presentation and service. To advertise these improvements to guests, a "New 4 You" sign would be placed over new games and rides.

This upgrade was rolled out to most locations by the end of 2003.

Phase III[1]

Kid Check & Menu Improvements

The Kid Check has received a station, adding on an overhead black light to see invisible ink stamped onto guests' hands. The physical menu in the restaurant has also been updated to feature Chuck E. Cheese's newest design.

Skytubes & Toddler Zone Improvements

The Skytubes in most locations were slightly downsized and had new additions, such as a Nascar or Police car, and monkey cage. In addition to this, the Ball Crawl was also to be removed in later renditions of this upgrade.

In addition, this phase introduces the finalized "Toddler Town" concept from phase 1 as the "Toddler Zone". The Toddler Zone would now have a small playground and a wider variety of games and rides suitable for toddlers.

Ticket Munchers

Ticket Munchers were the initial replacements for the traditional way of counting tickets with an electronic ticket counter. This was tested at the Montfort Dr. Dallas, Texas location as early as 1998.

Games Package