Pumpkin Festival Chuck (Chuck E. Cheese Retrofit)

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The Bot in 2018

Pumpkin Festival Chuck is a retrofit of Chuck E. Cheese (Cyberamic) at Burger Farm & Garden Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. (7849 Main St. (RT 32), Cincinnati, OH 45244)

The bot can only be seen when the location has its annual Fall Pumpkin Festival, in which it and other Pizza Time Theatre retrofits will be displayed as props for decoration from the last week of September through the end of October. None of them are hooked up in any way to be movable, with all cylinders and air hoses removed.

Chuck is displayed in a room with Jasper and Pasqually, often trading positions each year. They are decorated with wheat stalks, pumpkins, gourds, rags, a vase, and sit on haybales. Each have a general farmer theme to their outfits, complimenting the decorations.


Chuck is dressed and changed to look like a farm girl. Notably, his front teeth are gone and his nose is changed to pink. His ears were also removed with the hat covering the hole. This makes it hard to determine if the costume is still considering him a mouse due to such drastic changes. As for the outfit, Chuck now wears a large red hat, an exact copy of Jasper's retrofitted hat, alongside large yellow pigtails with red bows near the bottom. A long-sleeve red silk shirt wraps up his body (With the original fur still under it), with a denim-colored vest on top. A sparkly blue scarf wraps around his neck as well. Finally, his hands are replaced with silk gloves, adorning jewelry and red painted fingernails.