Pumpkin Festival Mr. Munch (Mr. Munch Retrofit)

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Pumpkin Festival Munch

Pumpkin Festival Munch is a retrofit of Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) at Burger Farm & Garden Center in Cincinnati, Ohio (7849 Main St. (RT 32), Cincinnati, OH 45244).


The bot can only be seen when the location has its annual Fall Pumpkin Festival, in which it and other Pizza Time Theatre retrofits will be displayed as props for decoration from the last week of September through the end of October. None of them are hooked up in any way to be movable, with all cylinders and air hoses removed.

The display for Munch has changed several times, but for most years has been sitting on haybales for photo opportunities located near the entrance next to where you can buy tickets for attractions.


Munch is changed to look like a Pumpkin. Notably, his entire body and mask are now orange, with black triangles added where his yellow nostrils were and a stem was added at the top of the mask, Munch used to wear glasses but those since were removed most likely due to being destroyed, his hands were replaced with green hands to replicate the green pumpkins are seen with. A long green vine was warped up originally around his head although now is warped around his neck.