Queenie / Mini Mozzarella (Animatronic)

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Queenie / Mini Mozzarella (Animatronic) 


Release Date: 1978
Manufacturer: Creative Engineering


Queenie / Mini Mozzarella was an animatronic created for the Wolf Pack 5 show and debuted at the 1978 IAAPA.

She uses the same mask mold as Grandma Bear/Beatrice from the Bear Country Jubilee and a nearly identical mech as Mama Grandbags from the Hard Luck Bears.


During the creation of the Rock Afire Explosion in 1980, Queenie was going to be reused as a character much like the rest of the Wolf Pack 5. However, marketing executive for Showbiz Pizza Place, Stan Emmerson suggested replacing her with a mouse to go with the pizza theme and because Pizza Time Theatre and Disney both had mouse mascots. In an attempt to not come off as arrogant, Aaron Fetcher allowed for Queenie to be converted into Mini Mozzarella.[1]


Queenie is a red fox positioned on the far right of the stage. At the 1978 IAAPA, she wore a dark blue scarf, light blue button-up shirt, black jeans, and black and white saddle shoes. After the 1979 IAAPA, she wore a white shirt, skirt with various colors depending on location, black and white saddle shoes, and a rose in her right hand. This would become the standard design. During her conversion to Mini, she would be given a mouse tail.


  • Mouth
  • Head left
  • Head right
  • Head up
  • Eyes right (Only on original 1978 model)
  • Left ear
  • Right ear
  • Body Lean
  • Torso right
  • Left arm raise
  • Left elbow
  • Left wrist
  • Right arm raise
  • Right elbow
  • Right wrist