Redding, CA (2167 Hilltop Dr)

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Redding, CA (2167 Hilltop Dr), also officially known as the Old Redding store, is a Chuck E. Cheese's location that opened in February 8, 1983, with a Balcony Stage.[1]

This store is known for being the most outdated store in the U.S. They would still keep the Phase 2 remodel and the Pizza Time Theatre signage up until it's relocation in December 2006 (day unknown)


When Redding opened, it housed a Balcony stage. Sometime between 1989 and 1990, they installed Chuck E.’s House Facade. At this time, the Cyberamics were in good condition. In early 90's, during the peak of the 'Tux Chuck' era, the 2-Stage was Installed. There were no Skytubes installed in the store, adding to the entire showroom's unique look, which could never be seen with any other CEC location.

Between the late 90's and 2000's the store never received curtains and also had kept the old Pizza Time Theatre sign. They would remain like this until December 2006 when they relocated to a new store, which is open to this day.


Redding opened in February 8th, 1983 with a Balcony Stage. They then received the 1988 remodel around 1989-1990 when the stage was replaced with Chuck E.'s House Facade and removed older PTT decor. In the Mid 90's They received the Phase 2 Remodel and removed the Chuck E.'s House Facade for the 2-Stage. Strangely, this store never received curtains or new decor and they also kept the Pizza Time Theatre sign out in the front. They still had the same old stage, decor, and the old sign. They did however update the drink containers and the prizes. This location never received Skytubes. They remained this way until December 2006 when they relocated because they were in a bad spot and they were really outdated. The store was demolished in 2008 for a shopping center. Currently, as of January 2023, the shopping center is still there although it has been changed.




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