Rock-afire Pancake Cylinder Maintenance

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Cylinder Rebuilding

An official procedure for cylinder rebuilding is documented in the ShowBiz Pizza Place Operations Manual from 1981.

  1. Remove front or rear face of cylinder
  2. Remove piston
  3. Remove nose seal and "O" rings
  4. Clean all parts with a clean rag and denatured alcohol
  5. Coat piston and new seals with packer lube
  6. Install the new "O" rings (flanges facing each other)
  7. Coat the cylinder wall with parker "O-ring" lube
  8. Lube piston rod with 10 weight non-detergent oil
  9. Reassemble NOTE: It is advisable to rebuild the cylinder on a clean piece of paper or newspaper. This will help prevent foreign matter finding its way inside your newly rebuilt cylinder.