Salute to America (PTT Theme)

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The Stage set up at an unknown location.

The Salute To America Theme was a Cyberamics Balcony Stage Theme created by Pizza Time Theatre for June 1985 & replaced the following months. The Stage theme was for that year's Fourth Of July & was most likely used with the CEC Salute to America Showtape.


The Stage Theme was made for Balcony Stages by SPT in June 1985 for the CEC Salute to America Showtape. The Theme was switched back to the original themes in the following months.


Mr Munch's and Pasqually's stage - Red curtains, with a circle behind Mr Munch and Pasqually.

Center Stage - Red, white, and blue *with stars* backdrop to represent the United States Flag's colours.

United States flags were placed all across the stage.