September 2007 Show

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Segment 1

"All Star"

"Every Boy, Every Girl"

Intermission 1

CEC TV Couch Family


Surf's Up

CEC TV Aquarium

Segment 2

"Get Up, Get Down"

"Back in Time"

Intermission 2

CEC TV Singing Sweeper

Eddie Coker "The Dog"

CEC TV School at Night

Larry the Technician

Segment 3

"Turn the Beat Around"

"Happy to Be Stuck with You"

Intermission 3

CEC TV Skateboard


Angel Faith Music Video

CEC TV Rocket Boy

Segment 4

"Heart of Rock N Roll"

"This Magic Moment"

Intermission 4

CEC TV Bubble Kids

Veggie Tales - "SUV Song"

PBS Announcement

Sing A Long Guys - "Old MacDonald"

CEC TV Blender

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