Showbiz Pizza Program 16

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Showbiz Pizza Program 16

Showbiz Pizza Program 16 is a music cassette released alongside Showbiz Pizza Place and Pizza Time Theatre showtapes as background music between segments. This would eventually evolve into Cyberstar, though the cassettes would still be produced for stores not yet converted to it.

These programs were still produced by Sight & Sound Entertainment Corporation, however the company would be merged into Audio Environments Inc., rebranding as AEI Music. Under AEI, the company would become specialized in creating music tape compilations for retail stores and airlines. This provided a specific mood tailored to the store, in which AEI describes to "-harmonize with the lifestyle of (the store's) patrons"[1] The Showbiz Pizza Programs were specifically labeled as Inflight Audio Entertainment, and each gave the address of AEI Music Network Inc. at the bottom of the label.


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Song List

  1. It's No Secret
  2. Wild World
  3. As Long as You Follow
  4. This Time
  5. Under the Boardwalk
  6. Cross My Heart
  7. Two Hearts
  8. More Than You Know
  9. Holding On
  10. All This Time
  11. Soul Searchin'
  12. New Day For You
  13. Just Because
  14. So Good