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Standard: Animatronic Page 


Wholesale Price: Wholesale price of the animatronic as sold by the manufacturer.
Units Produced: Total amount of units produced.
Release Date: Official release date after coming out of prototyping.
Final Release: Date of the final unit produced.
Manufacturer: Manufacturer(s) of the animatronic.
Catalog ID: Catalog ID


Dimensions: Dimensions of the figure.

The Animatronic name/identifier goes here was an animatronic produced for, or by (Pizza Time Theatre, Creative Engineering, Garner Holt, etc.) in insert year.


A detailed history of the animatronic's conceptualization, production, release, use, and eventual discarding. Specific artists, companies, manufacturers, and other credits should be detailed.


Each revision is explained and listed under this subsection.

2010 Variant

"Chuck E.'s eyes were modified to be larger."


Description of the character's appearance. Every variation in appearance should be listed under this section in sub-heading 2.

"Black Widow" Tux

"The original figure's outfit was comprised of a tuxedo with a cummerbund that resembled the back end of a Black Widow spider, with the outfit later being dubbed as such."


This section is used to list every movement. List each function as it is described on diagnostics or listings created by the manufacturer of the animatronic.

  • Mouth
  • Eyelids

If an official bit cart is available, base your list on the chart as closely as possible using the "table" tool.

Bit# Function
001 Mouth
002 Eyelids


This section is a part identification list. Each part will be listed with its respective manufacturer, part number, and official website for purchase. The part's history should also be noted. Revisions to parts should have their own separate tab. Cosmetics are also detailed here. When a part has no official catalog, and it is unclear how to split up an animatronic into unofficial parts, parts should generally be deemed as an entire section of the metal framework (and its connecting cylinders) that cannot be separated. For RAE this for example would mean the entire head assembly is one single part (bar the plastic eyes). For cosmetics, this further applies to the smallest detachable part of a cosmetic. For example, 3-Stage Helen's wig is separate from her two pigtails, so they are counted as separate parts. Duplicate parts should just have the number "(2x)" in their tab title. The "Hardware" tab accounts for two things: one is computer boards that are directly connected to the character, such as servo controllers. The other is for loosely connected hardware local to the animatronic itself. This would include Cyberamics' valve bank boards, alongside valve banks themselves. This does not include any items directly on the main computer such as Character Cards, just things locally on or around the given animatronic and are generally paired with it.


The Right Arm Assembly (Part #304A) is a mechanical piece that represents the character's right arm, detachable by two 3" screws embedded in the Right Shoulder Assembly. It contains a Fabco 1/2" PANCAKE Cylinder, metal bar assembly, two air hoses, a 2" screw, bolt, and washer. The cylinder controls the "Right Arm Up" movement of the character. It was available in the parts catalog for $15 throughout its use. By 2002 it would change in price to $17. In 2003 it would gain a revision (Part #304B) selectable over the original assembly. By 2015 the original #304A stock in the catalog would run out, and only the B variant would be left in stock.

Part Gallery

This gallery should detail every single photo of the part available. Photos should be cropped to properly showcase the given part, and the full uncropped photos can go in the general gallery at the bottom of the page.








A main gallery showing all general photos of the animatronic with and without cosmetics. More specific photos of individual parts, or cropped photos of photos in this gallery, can go in the part catalog section above.