Standard: Animatronic Show Page

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Picture of stage, logo, or other valid substitute.

Animatronic Show Name was a show/chain that was around from starting date to ending date and made by Important Person. This is a short description of it. Any major facts about the show should also go here.


This part of the page should start with how the show came to be, and then have several sub sections for different notable eras for the show such as new versions of the show, different stages, or major events like openings, closings, and relocations.

History Event 1

Info about first major event and following info up to just before second event

History Event 2

Info about the second major event and info up to just before third event


This section should list out the characters of the show and give a description and significant information about each character. It should look similar to the history section.

Character 1

Info about character 1

Character 2

Info about character 2

Stage Composition

This section should give a detailed description of where characters stood in the show, the props the stage used, and any other information about the stage layout generally used.

Installed Locations

This section should go more into detail about stages and their locations. Information about how different stages differed such as layouts, character cosmetics, or different or missing characters should be listed here.

Stage 1

Location address, location specific history, and location specifics such as missing characters, specific type of stage, and such.

Stage 2

Location address, location history, etc.


Show Name / Label Name Day Month Year Format
Showtape Name 1 DD MM YYYY Link to page about format
Showtape Name 2 DD MM YYYY Link to page about format

Also put any general information about showtapes here.

Current Whereabouts

General information about where the show or specific animatronics should be put here unless show has been scrapped.

Show 1

Information about whereabouts of show as a whole

Animatronic 1 (Show 2)

Information for specific animatronics if they are separated from a show.


Link Description Filming Date
Link Short description of linked video Month DD, YYYY
Link Short description of linked video Unknown


Fun information about a show or other relevant information about the show.

  • Fun fact 1
  • Fun fact 2


Photos of show, animatronics in the show, and other relevant pictures


Links and citations from page to find information sources and back up information given.