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Insert Commercial name Here was an advertisement produced for (Radio/Television/Online) in insert year.

Standard: Commercial Page 


Master Date: The date the commercial has been mastered on.
Air Date: Completely different from the master date, the air date is when the commercial debuted for public viewing.
Final Air Date: This would be the final time the commercial has been seen on the air.
Production Code:This is the code used to identify the commercial during production. This is commonly seen as a sequence of numbers and-or letters. If the commercial has different lengths with different codes, the option to add more codes are available under this template.


A summary of the commercial's premise is given in this section. If the commercial has a shorter or longer version with major differences it should be given its own heading below.


If the Commercial has different lengths make sure to document it's differences under separate sub-headings.


Details of the commercial's production are given here. More importantly, the commercials producer should be credited here as well, whether it is an agency or locally created.


This section is for advertisements that had specific versions aired in a certain region, such as being in a different language or having local locations listed.

Rough Cut

In the occurrence of a rough cut of the advertisement having a rough cut, its differences from the finalized version should be documented here.

Filming Locations

For commercials that have been filmed at a Chuck E. Cheese's, Showbiz, or Pizza Time Theatre location, link the location's page accordingly under the bullet point.


This section is a basic list of individuals that created the commercial.

  • John Doe - Chuck E. Cheese Voice Actor
  • Jane Doe - Animator


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