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Standard: Fixture Page 


Wholesale Price: Wholesale price for stores
Units Produced: Confirmed units produced
Release Date: Release Date
Final Release: Presumed final date stores can receive the item
Manufacturer: Manufacturer of Item


Dimensions: The size of the item.
Text:Main text

The Item name goes here in bold italics was a (fixture / decoration / poster) created for (Chuck E. Cheese's, Showbiz Pizza Place, etc.) in insert year.


This section here is a brief summary of the fixture's production history and or facts.

Releases / Prototypes

If the fixture has been released more than once you should include what has changed, i.e. spelling corrections, censorship, etc.

For the few pieces of fixtures with known prototypes please list them in this section as well.

  • Montfort 1998 Prototype: "Artwork originally had black borders for each piece"
  • 2003 release: "Frames were added around the artwork."
  • 2005 release: "Artwork was reverted into its original state without frames."


Include a detailed description of the appearance on the item you're writing your page on. Any or all details should be listed in this section.


Simple gallery showing the fixture up-close, in an operating store, or in private hands. If any scans of artwork are present, please include it in this section.


References will go here.