Standard: Notice Templates

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'Speculative' Template

This template is used for articles which may have currently uncitable information that is still widely accepted by the community, usually done for events currently taking place during the article's creation. Speculative information is still worth keeping up with this disclaimer, as later on it may be tracible back as an early source, a reference for the timeline of events, or show how a project switched direction over time.

'Stub' Template

These are for articles that are too short, or lack sufficient info. This depends on the article, its purpose, and its total amount of possible information to discuss, The general qualification for a stub is any article lacking more than 3 main sections, and or 6 paragraphs at minimum (assuming there is still more information able to be given on the topic.)

'NoSources' Template

These are for pages lacking important or many citations. This should automatically apply to any page that has zero references. The larger the page however, and the more in-depth of content discussed, especially when getting into histories or events, the more critical it is to insert this template.

'NonStandard' Template

For pages that aren't following wiki standards, but are still informational and fine enough on their own to be worth keeping displayed.