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Standard: Showtape Page

Release Date: Release date. In the format of: "January 1, 2022"
Label:Name on the physical label of the showtape, if its different from the standard title. Only use if needed.
Label:additional label names if needed
Theme: Standard Early 80's (PTT)
Guest Star: Helen Henny

Released On:

DVD (Cyberamics)
DVD (3-Stage)
DVD + Floppy (Studio C)
USB + MicroSD (Studio C)

Show name title is a showtape released and this is a short description on it.

Any major facts and history goes here, such as "This was a show only used on Christmas Eve" or "This was the first show in this format", ect ect. Explaining any additional things about the situation around its release where applicable, or the circumstances in the creation of the tape.

For the info box to the right, a number of descriptors can be added that will help give info on the tape. The main ones needed are the release date and the release formats. A lot of the descriptors only need to have a single letter in their text box to appear, while others such as the Release Date or Label need to be typed out.

For PTT shows, the Theme and Guest Star descriptors in the box will need to be provided.

The image for the info box should use official graphics, video footage from the show, or recordings of the animatronics playing the show. If there is no visual media ever depicting the showtape, do not provide an image.

Fixed Version / Rerelease

A large number of showtapes were sent to stores incorrectly, or needed to be updated before the release of the upcoming shows. These were usually called "Corrected Version", "Audio Fix", "2.0", "1.5", "1.01", "Fixed Version", ect. Despite being listed separately in the Category: All Showtapes section, they will all link to the same showtape page, but shall be noted in a section below the description like this. Here should describe the problem, which formats were affected, and which were sent this updated copy. Any additional notes and changed made by the update should be noted, alongside its release date. Pictures of the updated version should also be listed in the gallery below.

Sometimes this would only be a fix on the floppy disc of Studio C, or changing just the DVD of Studio C. Specifics should be noted.

Rereleased versions also go here, but only if they are identical completely to the original showtape outside of labeling. Any tweaks to the performance or audio/video should instead be put under a new page.


For shows that have a plot, theme, or interconnected segments, a summary of the entire showtape should be given, noting any important quotes, events, character development, and other such that would help a wiki user glance over the tape's contents. This is the case for most Rock-afire shows, and most CEC shows up to the late 2000's. Cyberstar shows don't need this summary, as Cyberstar segments have separate pages to allow their summary.

Show List

The show list should just be a numbered list of the showtape segments in order. Generally these will be labeled as "Segment #" and "Song #", but certain formats like newer Chuck E. Cheese shows refer to segments as "Skits", so those will be used instead. Some showtapes, such as Showbiz Pizza Place tapes and newer Chuck E. Cheese showtapes have official song lists. These will be used for the numbered lists inside the segment header. If a large segment is officially written down as "___ Medley" or "____ Songs", another sub-list should be created listing the official song titles under it.

Most showtapes don't have official song lists however. The official song names should then be written down. Any skits, which are usually large sections of discussion, gags, or other such intros leading into the segment's medley, should also be labeled. If the intro mainly focuses on introducing the upcoming song, label it as "Intro Skit". If there is a gag or main topic throughout the skit, label the skit with a good descriptor, such as "Pasqually's Joke Skit" or "Disco Skit".

If the song is a parody song, list it like this: "Killer (Parody of Thriller)"

For Cyberstar intermissions, a collection of radio music was used, alongside the birthday song playing when selected. All songs played should be listed and in order. The birthday song should also be listed after the radio song it interrupts.

All songs should be linked with a Wikipedia page for the original song. If no Wikipedia page exists, ignore it. Same for intermission videos.

The graphic should be placed on any segments that are entirely new and are not re-used. If the segment has a mix of new and re-used elements, then specifically label the songs instead.

  1. Intermission 1
    1. Intermission Name
    2. Intermission Name
  2. Segment 1
    1. Song or Skit Name
    2. Song or Skit Name
    3. Song Medley
      1. Song Name
      2. Song Name
      3. Song Name
    4. Song or Skit Name
  3. Intermission 2
    1. Intermission Name
    2. Intermission Name
  4. Segment 2
    1. Song or Skit Name
    2. Song or Skit Name
    3. Song or Skit Name


Due to live shows not being ordered in newer discs the same way as normal segments, they are listed separately. Keep in mind that older live shows came on a separate showtape than the main disc, so this is only for live show included inside the showtape. Live shows should link to actual live show pages listed on Category:Live Shows.

  • Live Show Name
  • Live Show Name
  • Live Show Name
  • Live Show Name


Any details about the showtape's production, its filming locations, its video production, anything, goes in here. Be sure to research that any details put in here are for new segments to the tape, as a lot of segments are reused multiple times over a long period. While dates should be given, writing 'which was x months / days from release' next to it will help with understanding the production leading up to its release.

90's showtapes had a lot of painted art used for their segments. Scans, photos, or even just noting all the individual unique art pieces made for the tape should be here.

For all files, whether DVD, Floppy, USB, ect., noting their production dates here is also important, as they are usually months before the tape's release. Any info on APS or similar programming software files, raw footage, ect should also be noted. Master VHS tapes also have their original master dates usually on their label. Tape mastering date should be noted.

CEC Shows made in the 2020's also have live streams from their programmer during the tape's production, any info (preferably citable despite how many aren't recorded) provided during these streams, or just the nature of what part of the programming/video production took place on that day, should be noted.


A section to credit everyone on the tape. That includes producers, cameramen, actors in the costumes, video editors, show programmers, voice actors, production teams & companies, ect.

  • Someone Someone - Chuck E. Cheese Voice Actor
  • Someone Someone - Show Programmer
  • Someone Someone - Helen Henny Costume Performer
  • Someone Someone - Video Editor

File Dates

Be sure to categorize this production information under sub headers.

Showtape Scans / Images

This is a section that should show any images or scans available of the showtape media. This is across all formats of the tape, and if the quality is too low, provide multiple pictures if possible.


A section of additional facts about the showtape, its reception, its history to previous tapes, errors in the performance that weren't fixed, stores accidentally getting the show or receiving it too early, ect.

Use a bulleted list.

  • Trivia Fact
  • Trivia Fact
  • Trivia Fact
  • Trivia Fact