Standard: Token Page

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Standard: Token Page
Released: 1977
Size (in): 0.984
Variety: N/A
Obverse Text: Pizzatime Theatre, Chuck E. Cheese
Reverse Text: In Pizza We Trust, 25¢ Value, 1977


Glint Brass
Glint Bronze
Nickel Brass

The Title goes here in bold italics was a token released from _____ to ____.

Here describe the token's general design, and its changes/relations to other tokens. If the token is one branded for a specific city, list all the locations that used the token. List the token's successors if any designs directly superseded it, usually the next token in the main list (but not always).

Detailed specifications for tokens can be found on and


Use the gallery to show as many different pictures of the token as possible. Be sure to note in the caption which version of the token is in the picture, such as Brass or Nickel. There is no limit to the number of images that can go in the gallery.


If the token has any known error variants, such as a clipped planchet, off-center strike, or die cracks, show them here in another gallery. If there isn't a picture available but a confirmation on one existing, cite it here in text. is a reliable source for error tokens.


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