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April 2003 Logo

TJ Hartford's Grill & Bar (Formerly TJ Hartford's Sports Grille) was a single restaurant and company created by CEC Corporate on October 1, 2001 and lasting to February 17, 2008.[1][2]

The only location was located at Lewisville, TX (1960 S Stemmons Fwy).


TJ Hartford's would begin as a concept within CEC Corporate to grow their restaurant business. As a juxtaposition to Chuck E. Cheese's children-centered marketing strategy, TJ's would appeal to an adult demographic by being a large contemporary dining restaurant- including a bar and multiple dozen TV's scattered throughout the building for sports entertainment. CEC Corporate considered TJ's to be "-a new expansion vehicle to compliment our future growth strategy".[3]

The company would be created as TJH Restaurant Group, Inc. in 2001. The first location would open on October 1, 2001[1], though another source also states September 2001- possibly a soft opening.[4] The restaurant would feature arcade games for additional entertainment, crafting special tokens for the machines. At some point the company would switch to quarters for play.[5]

Plans to open a second TJ's in 2002 would be considered, but never materialized.[6]


By April of 2003 the company's logo would change from a more fancy design to a rougher bolder look, alongside its name changed from TJ Hartford's Grill & Bar to TJ Hartford's Sports Grille. The company's website would also be given a brighter and flashier look, now with the slogan "The Grill is on." [7]

Marketing Changes

By mid-June of 2004, the company would reduce the cost for playing its arcade games from a quarter down to a nickel. A kids menu would also now be featured in the restaurant, alongside Happy Hour drink specials.[8] By November 29th of 2004 the company would begin offering fundraising parties for companies, where 10% of proceeds from food purchased would be given to the organization. By November 4th of 2006, the location would now offer late night specials.[9]


The store would close on February 17, 2008.[1] The location, its equipment, and its land would sell in April of 2008 for $1.3 million. In connection with the sale, a $0.8 million grain was also had with "Other operating expenses".[10]

Corporate Staff

  • Joe Elliott - Director of Menu Development[3]
    • Former head of product development for T.G.I. Fridays
  • Richard M. Frank - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer[3]
  • Jon M. Rice - VP of Marketing[1]
    • Also the VP of Marketing for CEC itself, both lasting till 2005.